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hey there, here's the 411

Bottled at the source is a social enterprise that provides a direct connection to sustainable growers around the world--with a goal of creating a connection to the purest natural products, while investing in the communities and environments that need it most.

The organization has a straightforward mission: to cut the middle-man and change the status-quo of sustainable natural products. We believe that proceeds from natural ingredients should go to the families and the economies that are involved in the production of the product, where they can contribute to increased education, improved health, and better lives. And it helps that when it comes to natural self care, the most luxurious product is one that is real, raw and from the source.

In practice, as "modern traders," we take trips around the world to the places where the most effective natural ingredients naturally grow, we get to know the growers, understand the stories, and bottle at the source. We bring these products directly to the world and take the proceeds back to origin country to strengthen and support the community.

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