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hekla fine scrub

hekla fine scrub

Introducing Volume 1’s Hekla Fine Scrub – a bathcare marvel that marries the soft ash remnants from Iceland's 2000 Mt. Hekla volcanic eruption with the goodness of Arctic birch. 


Capturing the subtle, earthy aroma of the dramatic landscapes of southwest Iceland, the volcanic ash brings a mineral-rich punch to your bathcare routine. It delicately exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and giving your skin a refreshed, radiant appearance. The fine texture of the scrub makes it a great choice for areas with more delicate skin.


Sourcing story: In summer of 2021, we traveled to Iceland to learn about Icelandic healing. Along with local healers and an Icelandic biologist team, we were able to harvest wild Icelandic Arctic birch (the only wild tree able to grow in the Arctic conditions of the island) and the ash from the 2000 Hekla eruption that go into this scrub.


Ingredients: Hekla volcanic ash (eruption in 2000), Arctic birch, Arctic thyme, Icelandic moss, Oats

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