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➜ volume 1: bathing in Iceland

Vol 1 Iceland Info

JAN / FEB 2024

westfjordian mineral soak

elevate your bath ritual with the exquisite blend of centuries-old saltmaking and the invigorating essence of Arctic thyme


a testament to the resilience of Icelandic traditions, the purity of remote landscapes, and the dedication to sustainable craftsmanship

westfjordian geothermal sea salt / arctic thyme / arctic birch / epsom salt / oats


volcanic ash from the 2000 hekla eruption

volcanic ash from the 2010 eyjafjallajokull eruption

arctic thyme

westfjordian geothermal sea salt

icelandic moss

arctic birch

black crowberry

Hekal ing info

➜ volume 2: dining in India

RELEASING FALL / WINTER 2023 (click below for product details)

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