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westfjordian mineral soak

westfjordian mineral soak

Our Westfjordian Mineral Soak harmoniously blends mineral-rich sea salt from the remote corners of the Westfjords with rare Arctic herbs, including Arctic thyme and Icelandic moss. 


The Westfjords, a place synonymous with remoteness and untouched beauty, provide the pristine backdrop for the creation of this exceptional soak. Inspired by a dedication to traditional Icelandic methods, we sourced our salt from Saltverk, a salt harvester in the Westfjords that has brought back a 17th-century historical salt-making method to Iceland. This process uses 100% geothermal energy and results in a unique mineral signature. 


Sourcing story: On our sourcing trip to Iceland, we took a 3-day drive out to Djúpvegur, on the far coast of the Westfjords. There was almost no human development the entire way there (we even ran into a close call with our jeep stalling!). We met the Saltverk team there and got to experience their unique production method in one of the most beautiful settings on the Icelandic coast. 


Ingredients: Sea salt, Arctic birch, Arctic thyme, Icelandic moss, Oats, Epsom salt

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